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Analyze My Divorce Settlement is our latest tool. It's a highly powerful, fast, and effective means to reach a fair divorce settlement and not end up fighting at a high cost over financial differences that can be objectively resolved. The tool shows how each spouse will fare under any proposed settlement. Specifically, the tool compares, on a side-by-side basis, what each spouse will be able to spend on an ongoing basis. The tool focuses on discretionary spending, what each spouse will be able to spend after meeting their off-the-top expenses.

Web based – Works with all popular browsers - No download

Analyze My Divorce Settlement


Divorce is hard enough without having to fight over finances. Analyze My Divorce Settlement is an objective way to see how you each will be treated. Our divorce tool analyzes multiple agreements and helps find win-win solutions.

Analyze My Divorce Services


Like us to do the work -- i.e., enter the inputs, run the program, and explain the results? If so, please purchase this service and we'll be in touch by email or phone to collect the data we need. The $1500 covers 10 hours of our time. If your case requires more time, we'll charge you $50 per hour.